GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019
GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

Experience great Call Handling first hand... just dial: 01604 53 20 20

Experience great Call Handling first
hand... just dial: 01604 53 20 20.

About your Salon Genies

We Deliver Happiness to Salon Owners by Creating Magical Moments with Every Interaction.

SME Business Award Winner 2019 Top one percent Trusted Supplier Business woman awards VA awards SME awards 2017 Best business enabler finalist Best customer service SME award 2016 VA of the year EC best business enabler

The Story...

In 2005, our Chief Genies, Jacqui and Ian Frost, were trying to solve a problem.

Ian’s decorating business was doing well, but the more successful he got the more obvious the problem became. He was constantly on the phone or working late on admin; it made it difficult to do the work he loved to do.

Meanwhile, Jacqui had a successful 20 years career as an office manager and PA. Jacqui knew what Ian needed, and she knew that “outsourcing” was much more sensible than hiring.

They searched for a suitable company, but couldn’t find one. No single business provided all the services they needed with the attention to detail and personal touch they wanted.

Jacqui decided to create that business. Now, The Office Genie has become the only multi-award-winning, five-star call handling and business support service to offer a free trial and a money-back guarantee and as we've grown we've been able to offer a service specialised in supporting salons and providing a call handling service their clients love.

Jacqui with an award

Meet Jacqui


Genie Jacqui

Chief Genie

Over thirteen years ago, Chief Genie Jacqui used all the experience from 20-years as a PA and Office Manager to found The Office Genie. Her Genies deliver magical service day in, day out for all clients. She says “It’s all about going the extra mile to WOW our callers”.

Three things you didn't know about Jacqui...

  • When she was younger, she wanted to be a ballerina!
  • Her favourite Disney film isn’t Aladdin; it’s Mary Poppins
  • Her favourite colour is genie pink, but genie purple is a close second

Meet the Customer Experience Genies


Genie Jo

Client Experience Genie (Hospitality Specialist)

Jo worked in service and hospitality – including running her own pubs in Southampton, Brighton and Northampton – before picking up her lamp and becoming a genie. She loves to help and continuously goes above and beyond for her callers; in fact, she once spent twenty minutes directing a caller to one of our client’s offices!

Three things you didn't know about Jo...

  • She would love to live in Barbados
  • When she was small she wanted to be a princess.
  • If she had a warning label, it would say “Loves a Good Laugh”

Genie Emily

Client Experience Genie

Emily had been working part-time in pubs and looking after her three children for the previous six years before getting her genie wings, so you know she can take care of anything! Dolls and heights are her biggest fears. Although she once abseiled 100 feet, she still won’t allow dolls in her house!

Three things you didn't know about Emily...

  • She watched the first Harry Potter film on video
  • Any ABBA song will get her dancing
  • Grew up on the same street as her partner, but didn’t find romance until a chance meeting years later

Genie Fiona

Client Experience Genie (Travel & Facilities Specialist)

Fiona is a little ray of Scottish sunshine and happy to let it show. Her attitude and experience gets her callers giggling along with her in no time and sends them away with a smile. She’s previously worked as a travel agent and a property manager.

Three things you didn't know about Fiona...

  • If she was an animal, she’d be a lioness
  • She lives with her husband, three children, cat, and a dog- phew! Full house!
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s is her favourite movie

Genie Sazza

Client Experience Genie (Construction Specialist)

Sarah (or Sazza to me and you) spent a long time as our twilight and weekend Genie, but now she’s with us during the day as well! Sazza has a huge amount of customer service experience, which makes her an asset to the team, ensuring our clients are well taken care of at all times.

Three things you didn't know about Sazza...

  • Her favourite movie is Dirty Dancing
  • She would love to be stranded on an island with The Rock
  • In a movie of her life, Sazza would want Rebel Wilson to play her

Genie Georgia

Client Experience Genie (Beauty Specialist)

Georgia is the soulful one in the office. Because she’s funny, caring, and loyal, but when she’s not on the phone, you might find her humming some Otis Redding. She used to head up a team of beauty therapists, do treatments, and answer the phone. We like a fast pace, but that sounds exhausting!

Three things you didn't know about Georgia...

  • Her pet peeve is self-centred people
  • When she was small, she wanted to be a singer
  • She loves Diet Coke Chicken (yes, that’s a real thing!)

Genie Mo

Client Experience Genie

Known as ‘Mummy Mo’ around Genie Heights, Mo is our longest serving genie. That makes her our go to girl for any questions the genies or clients may have! Mo has enjoyed a lengthy career specialising in customer service within a variety of different sectors from the travel industry to carpet manufacturing.

Three things you didn't know about Mo...

  • There are over 200 pairs of shoes in her house
  • Her husband and her met at a dance
  • She once sang (on the stage) at THE Grand Ole Opry!

Meet the Support Genies


Genie Sarah

"Making It Happen" Genie

After years in a variety of different roles, Sarah spent many years within the customer service sector honing her skills. As our Customer Service Specialist, Sarah's main role is as our ‘Making It Happen’Genie. This means Sarah is responsible for onboarding our new clients, training the Genies on them and also looking after our existing clients, making sure all our systems and processes work together seamlessly to provide the best support and service.

Three things you didn't know about Sarah...

  • She has a motorcycle licence
  • Dancing Queen by ABBA is the song to get her dancing
  • The most unusual thing she’s ever eaten is Ostrich

Genie Lesley

Business Development Genie

With years of client-facing experience in her lamp, Lesley brings passion and energy to the team. She always delivers on her promises. If you’re looking for some great advice, Lesley is the genie for you. Listen out for her South African accent – It’s mesmerising.

Three things you didn't know about Lesley...

  • You know she’s practical because her three desert island essentials are a lighter, a knife and a toothbrush
  • She received national colours for swimming and water polo
  • When she was small she wanted to be a singer

Genie Sadie

Deliverer of Fluffiness

Sadie joined "Team Genie" June 2017.  She was rescued in Romania whilst trying to get her pups out of a skip :(  She works (well sleeps) most the time at the office, keeping staff morale up and pretending she is a Meerkat to all the team as well as everyone who walks through the door.  Loved by all, in the winter, the Genies can often be heard fighting for her to keep their feet warm.

Three things you didn't know about Sadie...

  • Sadie loves lying on Genies feet, especially when Jacqui is out of the office
  • Sadie is there to hand out hugs and cuddles after a bad call. She loves cheering people up
  • Sadie is great at catching flies, just need to train her to get rid of spiders too.
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