Experience great Call Handling first hand... just dial: 01604 53 20 20

Experience great Call Handling first
hand... just dial: 01604 53 20 20

For your virtual touch of salon magic

Call handling for salons

The Salon Genie grew out of The Office Genie which started in 2005 to support business owners with the best Call Handling available. The Genies are specialists in Appointment Booking and Diary Management and so are the perfect solution to missed and unanswered calls for any Salon.

Unlike other call answering services who simply take messages, we prefer to reduce the number of calls you need to return by booking appointments or confirming prices whilst the caller is on the line. Experience shows that it can take 2 or 3 attempts to return a call to a client, who may no longer be in front of their diary.

Over the years we have taken on more and more clients from the Hair and Beauty industry. Using our expertise, we have been able to help Salons increase their profit, return their juniors to learning to be stylists and technicians instead of a receptionist and fill their appointment slots more effectively. So The Salon Genie was born.


Every Salon is different, but we know about treatments, styles and cuts, so your clients will feel comfortable talking with us. You will benefit from the excellent telephone answering and superb diary management skills of the Genies who are all experienced receptionists and effective diary managers. We book hundreds of appointments every day through our Call Handling service.

You can find out all the benefits you can gain from using our Call Handling service in our FREE ebook which you can sign up for here. In short you will benefit from:

  • An increase number of calls answered – this will increase the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising as you are no longer missing new opportunities
  • Appointment booking even on days you are closed or when you are short staffed and fully booked out
  • Reduction in the number of small gaps in your diary – this can increase your profits by as much as £62,400 for some salons
  • Freeing up staff – you will no longer have to factor in someone to answer the phones – all your juniors, stylists and technicians can now be earning you money by working with clients not on the phones

You can read more about what we can help you with in the blogs below.

Call Jacqui on 01604 53 20 20 or email on hello@thesalongenie.co.uk to find out how you can make your Salon more efficient and profitable for less than the cost of a full time receptionist.

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