Experience great Call Handling first hand... just dial: 01604 53 20 20

Experience great Call Handling first
hand... just dial: 01604 53 20 20

Meet The Genies

Jacqui Frost

Jacqui Frost

Owner / Proprietor

I started The Office Genie in 2005 as a solution to help my husband’s business. His biggest complaint was that phone calls were stopping him doing what he needed to do, but if he left them to go to voicemail they never left a message (Trust me, the statistics “70% of callers won’t leave a message on an answerphone” is true!).

I started with one Genie (me!) and one customer. There’s now several lampfuls of Genies and we work with around hundreds of clients every day with more on the books for periodic cover. Having worked with a number of salons and clinics over the years, we started The Salon Genie to make a tailored offering to the Hair and Beauty Industry.

I know that managing your staff effectively while still offering your clients a great service is key to making your business work. Do you sometimes find working with staff a little stressful (I know that I do)? Juggling the paperwork, the hours they want to work, getting your head around things like PAYE and workplace pensions on top of making sure your clients are satisfied, the phone is answered and appointments are booked properly.

I know what you are dealing with – The Salon Genie is here to help relieve some of that pressure, so you can focus on your customers and business. So go on – give me a ring – we can help.

The Genies

Our magical team

The Salon Genie team

The full team consists of a dedicated team of Genies who answer hundreds of calls each every day. They’ve answered for everything from construction firms to Police call centres to hair and beauty care industry to banking to retail and even more. Then there a few more Genies working behind the scenes.

Finally, we have our security guard dog Izzy. She is a miniature dachshund and comes to the office every day as it is far more exciting in the office than being at home. (Actually, she comes to the office because she has had 3 back operations in an 8 month period and she is best avoiding the rough and tumble with her playmates at home). So please avoid knocking on the door when you come to the office – as they say, “Let sleeping dogs lie!!”

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