GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019
GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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Experience great Call Handling first
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03 Oct 2019

Everyone deserves a makeover for Christmas


While it might be tempting to think that Christmas crackle and cheer is still weeks away, it really isn’t a moment too soon to get your reindeers in a row.


santa claus waving at the camera

So, don’t leave it too late to get support for your busiest pampering period in place. Plan your marketing, sort out staff holidays and focus on customer service.


The calendar challenge

Did you know that leading beauty, cosmetic and luxury brands have already launched their 2019 advent calendars? And a lovely collection they are too.


More importantly, with Christmas falling on a Wednesday this year, there are likely to be very busy days and some coordination challenges ahead.


To deliver customer delight this Christmas you need a staff schedule that is fantastically fair and makes sure everyone has time for their own family festivities.


What will make sense for your salon will depend on your normal working days and how busy you expect to be.


Will your staff need to be paid a higher rate over the holiday period? Will that affect your plans?


Alternatively, you might decide that everyone needs to relax and close down between Christmas and New Year.


Get set to be social

You won’t want to miss out on opportunities to perfectly pamper and preen your existing clients and to win some new ones.


Make sure you’re super-organised to deliver sumptuous seasonal specials and you could well gain new loyal customers for years to come.


Use social media to let people know that they need to make their appointments early and to tempt them with all the delicious delights that are waiting for them.


Now is the perfect time to post your top temptations on Facebook. Did you know that 45% of UK Facebook users will be sharing their Christmas experiences or that posts soar by 25% during this period? It’s an ideal opportunity to be discovered by a whole new audience.


Make your page look miraculous and get ready to be discovered.


Share in the Genie glory

It can be time-consuming and – let’s be honest – pretty frustrating to create a rota that keeps everyone happy at your busiest time of the year. However, you’ll have to make sure everything is covered so that your customers feel extra-special as they prepare for their celebrations.


Our Genies can get everything organised for you. They are experienced virtual personal assistants who know how to transform a timetable in a trice. They can make sure all the key times are covered and can include emergency back-up if you need it.


They can book and plan your Christmas appointments, and handle all the last-minute cancellations and changes that always happen.


So, don’t get stressed, get a Genie to help. Be organised and galvanised to make 2019 the best Christmas season yet and deliver fantastic customer service with a little Salon Genie sparkle.


Jacqui Frost

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My Genie's are amazing. They are the perfect initial contact point for my customers. They tell me the girls in the office are polite, professional and a pleasure to speak with. Thank you so much for contributing to an outstanding customer experience. Keep up the great work!

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