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GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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Experience great Call Handling first
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07 Nov 2019

Fourteen fantastic years


We can hardly believe it, but we’re 14 years old. Well, some of us are a little bit older, but we have been sharing Genie joy since November 2005.

birthday cake celebrating 14 years


A lot of things have changed since we first jumped on our magic carpet together, so we decided to take a nostalgic look back at 14 beautiful trends.


1. The golden glow – we all wanted to look beach ready and beautiful back in 2005, but sadly we often became fantastic orange creatures instead. Happily, these days we have splendid self-tans and marvellous mousses. You can even have a professional tan in your own home, complete with mobile tanning cubicle to keep everything spotless.


2. Let the brows take a bow – the carefully crafted and artistically arched eyebrow was the look to go for. Now more natural shapes make a style statement with pencils, powders, and gels for added emphasis and tinting, tattooing and threading for nature’s little imperfections.


3. Getting straight to the point – GHDs were essential tools to achieve sleek and sophisticated hair styles. Now we can be soft, sleepy or smooth, depending on our mood, with all the right tools and products for the perfect finish.


4. Nailing it – a smart French polish might still be a favourite for workdays, but with acrylics, gels, dipping powders, sparkles and shines, party nails can be for every day of the week. Our Genies can have flawless fingertips whenever they handle your calls.


5. Creative colour – we said ‘goodbye’ to blocky highlights and ‘hello’ to the sun-kissed look of the ombré. We can be wildly creative or subtly sophisticated with new twists on dip dye and balayage in all the colours of the rainbow.


6. Semi-permanent perfection – who doesn’t want to save time in the morning? Micro-blading took the world by storm for our eyebrows and now there are semi-permanent lip blushers and eyeliners to keep us looking lovely; no need to ask the mirror on the wall.


7. Luscious lips – lips were big in the noughties; bright, bold and beautiful. We’ve never looked back and a lip kit is a ‘must have’ item for every cosmetics bag.


8. Perfect pastels – that wide awake and bright-eyed look with shiny pastels was always a favourite and, let’s face it, who doesn’t still have a few pearly shades? But we shouldn’t forget the sultry, smoky look or the Amy Winehouse wingtips.


9. Complexion care – going out wearing a face pack to let everyone know you take your skin seriously might be a step too far, but there’s no doubt that skin care has come a long way. What’s not to like about your favourite moisturiser or foundation with extra SPF protection?


10. Hi-tech body sculpting – frostbite has never been our friend – until now. Scientists have discovered that fat cells freeze before your skin, which has led to the fat freezing technique that can help to reduce those plump little problems that just don’t know when it’s time to leave.


11. Where to go for your Bo – people have been enjoying the ‘feel good’ factor of a botox boost for years. Now qualified medical practitioners including doctors, dentists, pharmacist prescribers and nurse prescribers can all give advice and prescriptions.


12. The perfect pout – if you aren’t keen on the idea of medical interventions, there are now plenty of plumping preparations based on natural ingredients like peppermint, caffeine and collagen to create just the right impression.


13. Spectacular sparkle – now the festival look can make you feel happy every day, with sparkles for your skin, hair and clothes.


14. Right up to date – as we head into our 15th year we are looking forward to lovely long locks, perhaps with a retro feel. And because we’re Genies there will be lots more colour and sparkle as well.


As you can tell, we love our pampering, treatments and therapies and our enthusiasm is infectious. Our beautiful Genies will be happy to help you share your talents and keep your appointment books full. Whether you prefer pen and paper, or you have your own software solution, just give us a call.



Jacqui Frost

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We're quite unique because The Office Genie provide their service free of charge to us as we're a charity which is amazing! As a charity getting something free of charge is as important as getting a donation so we really value that.

On occasions where we have to go to meetings or we have a day out or something like that we're able to do that now without the worry of not answering to our supporters, so it removes the concerns of not responding as they literally just step in and be us for a day.
I don't think you could get much better. We've never had any issues whatsoever. We feel that we're getting the absolute best that we could from them at this time.

Billy Sharpe

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