GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019
GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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Experience great Call Handling first
hand... just dial: 01604 53 20 20.

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31 Jul 2019

Hello, hello – does a receptionist make a difference?

With this summer’s launch of the ‘Rocket Man’ film, telling the story to Elton John’s complicated life, we’re taking his songs as inspiration this month. So, we thought we’d ask whether you agree with his lyrics in ‘Hello’:


“Hello, hello. I'm not alone, it's good to know, someone's out there to say hello. Hello.”

hello, hello does a receptionist make a difference image
Or, in other words, is a receptionist an asset or an overhead for your salon?


Keeping your customers coming back for more

Having put all the effort into winning and wowing your new customers, it’s important to make sure they keep returning for more magical moments.


A receptionist can make your clients feel relaxed and confident that they’re in safe hands, straight away. They can create just the right impression on arrival and make sure everything runs smoothly.



Managing marvels

Depending on how many people work in your salon, there can be a lot going on. To organise everything to perfection needs a Fantasia-style multi-tasking magician.


To make sure each client has an exceptional experience someone needs have the time to look for opportunities to meet and exceed expectations. Your customers will tell people when they’ve had a great time, but unfortunately, they’ll tell even more people if something goes wrong.


Beautiful bookings

Your clients enjoy a very personal experience each time they visit you, so all those little details are really important. Although there are plenty of online booking options, a telephone call to remind your clients that it’s time to make an appointment and to suggest other treatments while they are with you will be fairy dust for your appointment book.


They can enjoy the undivided attention of someone who knows their style and preferences and who isn’t rushing to fit in a quick call between appointments.


What’s the alternative?

Of course, your clients have come along to enjoy your sparkle and shine, not the receptionist’s. Surely the perfect recipe for success would be for you to meet them when they arrive, book their next appointment and check to see if there are any additional treatments or products that they would like.


However, there always seem to be those little imps who slow you down and mix you up. Before you know it, you can be running a little late; then you have to choose between meeting one client and leaving another half-way through their treatment.


Your client might not know when they will want to be perfectly pampered again, which means you will need to make a follow-up call later. They might forget the magic potions they need to buy and call you up later to ask for them. Your beautifully choreographed day can turn into a whirl in no time at all.


Is there another way?

The good news is that the Salon Genies are here to make your wishes come true.


Although we can’t leave a magic lamp on your reception desk so that one of our Genies appears when your clients arrive, we are divine at diary management, making sure you have time to bewitch your clients. We understand the alchemy that can make your Appointment Bookings into sold gold too.


Most importantly, we can captivate your clients with our charming call-handling skills. They’ll be enchanted with the welcome we give them every time they get in touch; we’ll pass on messages when you need to call back and all the rest will simply be dealt with – it really is quite magical.


Give your salon some added sparkle – talk to a Salon Genie today.

Jacqui Frost

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