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GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
SME Northamptonshire Business Awards 2019

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05 Dec 2019

Make time for something special in 2020

You’re in the business of helping people to feel good and that’s one of the reasons people like to take on fundraising challenges too, according to Just Giving.


The top motivations for fundraising are helping a charity that has helped you, being inspired by a friend or family member, supporting a good cause and being part of an event or team.


person riding a bike with the shining down on himMany of us would like to get involved in fundraising, but simply don’t have the time.


Well, if you want to do something absolutely amazing to raise funds for a charity this year, there’s an answer.


Magically make the most of every hour

Taking time away from work is one of the main reasons busy business owners hesitate to take on a challenge for a charity close to their heart.


But if you would like to do something extraordinary for a charity that has charmed you in 2020 then just make a wish and a Genie can help you achieve your dream.

We can handle your calls and book your appointments so that you can make the most of every moment to focus on what’s important to you. With the help of a Genie you can make sure this is the year you can do something special for yourself and others.


A charity for professionals just like you

If you’re not sure which charity to choose, take a look at the Hair and Beauty Charity, which does great work for professionals in the hair and beauty industries. The original Hairdressers’ Orphans Fund dates back to 1853 and it continues to provide support for more than 300 professionals in the industry each year.


This year a team of fundraisers put their perfectly pedicured feet to the pedals to raise over £9,500 to help their colleagues. If you like cycling and travelling the annual bike ride is an ideal event. This year it took place in Girona, Spain, and had options for all levels of cycling experience. The most adventurous team members rode over 300km including the 13.8km climb on Rocacorba, a notoriously steep mountain in the region.


Fundraising fantasia

If super cycling isn’t your style, then there are lots of clever options you could think about. To bring everything together beautifully, one of our Genies can add their own special sparkle to outstanding organisation and imaginative invitations.


You could invite your favourite clients – and, even better, their pets – to be pampered and photographed for a fundraising calendar.


How about holding a mocktails event during Dry January? Or tea and cakes for your favourite clients on 20 January for Brew Monday in aid of the Samaritans?


If you’re interested in supporting children’s charities, then there’s National Storytelling week from 1 to 7 February. The perfect time to trim some young locks while they enjoy some new tales or write their own.


Or what about treats for toes during National Feet Week from 9 to 15 March, encouraging people of all ages to prioritise good health for feet.


There are so many things to inspire and involve. Together with the help of a Genie, you can have fun, raise funds and build relationships with your clients.


Jacqui Frost

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