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GenieWINNER: Best Customer Service
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05 Mar 2020

Making the most of our Mums for Mother’s Day


It will be Mother’s Day before we know it – 22nd March is just around the corner. Arranging some special beauty bonuses for mothers is an ideal opportunity for your salon.

If you’re planning to run special Mother’s Day themed campaigns and offers during the next few weeks, here are some ideas for you to share.


Fragrant delights

For an extra-special pampering experience, why not offer some fragrant treatments to make mothers feel fantastic? Whether the World’s Best Mum prefers something light and fresh with tones of citrus, subtle florals or something with a hint of musk, vanilla and caramel, there’s sure to be plenty you can offer.

Facials, scrubs, masks and moisturisers can all smell wonderful and make mums feel amazing. You can even stock up with complementary sets of perfect products for marvellous mothers to take home with them as a gift from their grateful offspring.


Well-deserved R&R

Busy mums often don’t make time for themselves, so you can offer the gift of some rest and relaxation.

Create some special packages of treatments for head, neck and shoulders or tired feet. You could even create some Mother & Daughter mini-treatment packages for nails and brows, for example. It’s always good to share the magic.


Get the young ones involved

Younger children love to get involved so give them the chance to design their mum’s and granny’s special nails. One nail for each member of the family, hearts, flowers or a little sparkle and shine.

If you have a handy supply of cupcakes or macaroons, you could ask them which one their mum would prefer with her tea or coffee.


Create a whole experience

Once mum is looking and feeling fantastic it would be a shame not to share it. If there’s a restaurant nearby, you could team up to create a special experience for the Day itself, with delicious food and perhaps a glass of champagne to really show how much the whole family appreciates her.


Share some favourites

You can help proud fathers and happy children with helpful gift suggestions in your social media posts. You know better than anyone what ladies love, so give them the benefit of your experience.

To complete a really wonderful family day, make some suggestions for sweet-smelling bath products, candles or burners for fragrant lavender, valerian or vanilla oils so that mums can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep – the perfect end to the perfect day.


Various vouchers

It’s a busy time of year, so for those who just don’t have time to relax and shine in advance, offer specially themed vouchers for those exceptional ladies to enjoy later.


Make the most of your Mother’s Day marvels

Our Genies really are magicians when it comes to appointments. To make the most of your Mother’s Day opportunities, they can take charge of your bookings to make sure that you make the most of each day.

They can allow just the right amount of time for each treatment and you can make the most of every minute too. To keep things running smoothly at such a busy time they can handle your calls as well, so your customers will have your undivided attention.

Our Genies would love to help you deliver marvellous Mother’s Day treats. Just call a Genie today and they can work their wonders for you in (almost) no time.


Jacqui Frost

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